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Blank-Fire Safety White Paper

Blank-Fire Safety White Paper

A white paper discussing blank-fire safety and implementation of the BlankSafe™ Live Round Interrupter .

BlankSafe, Inc.

One of the only times that a weapon is intentionally discharged at friendly soldiers is during blank-fire operations. A live round mistakenly introduced during these operations can have deadly results and cause long, costly interruptions to training. Current methods of inspection are difficult, prone to error and are failing to prevent accidents.

The BlankSafe™ Live Round Interrupter is a product born of necessity. Designed by two US Navy SEALs after personally witnessing multiple incidents where highly trained professionals adhering to strict standard operating procedures for safety mistakenly loaded a live round during training.

The BlankSafe™ Live Round Interrupter creates a physical block in the chamber of the weapon allowing a blank round to load while preventing the longer live round from fully chambering

Stopping Bullets… Saving lives.